Biological dentistry focuses on treating the various diseases and material toxins that exist in the mouth that effect whole-body health. Nontoxic dental materials are painstakingly chosen and vetted. Close attention is paid to each patient’s own specific biocompatibility report. Natural, mercury-metal free, fluoride-free dental materials are used that are biocompatible with a patient’s body chemistry.

Biocompatibility Testing

Dr Grieco uses two research labs to ascertain what dental materials and products are compatible with your body. A special kit with instructions is given or sent to you. The blood lab will do a single vial draw which is sent to the perspective companies for analysis and subsequent report. Our preferred partners are Biocomp Labs and Clifford Labs.


Safe Amalgam Filling Removal/Mercury-Free Fillings

In the event that you should need an amalgam filling replaced because of decay/fracture, or simply are concerned about the health effects of amalgam fillings, Dr. Grieco is Safe Mercury Amalgam Removal Technique (SMART) certified through the IAOMT. Through continuing education and certification, Dr. Grieco’s office incorporates the best practices and top industry standards to protect you during the removal and afterwards. Amalgam or silver fillings, as they are usually called, consist of over 50% mercury. Mercury is a substance second only to arsenic in toxicity for humans. Chewing, grinding, or drinking hot liquids, releases mercury vapors 24 hours a day, which are mostly breathed in or swallowed by you.

Huggins-Grube Protocol

Similar to SMART Certified

  1. Activated charcoal given before procedure, in rinses during procedure, and given after procedure.
  2. IV vitamin C between 25-50 grams given during procedure.
  3. Complete body drape, hair covering, eye protection for procedure.
  4. 100% medical-grade oxygen administered for procedure to keep from breathing in vapor.
  5. Non-latex rubber barrier (dam) placed for procedure and for restoration, when possible, to minimize exposure to vapor and swallowing metals during removal.
  6. Sequential removal of silver/mercury fillings based on voltammeter readings.
  7. High-speed suction, copious filtered water, utilized during removal.
  8. IQAir filtration system running at high speed to filter surrounding air of mercury vapor.
  9. Ozone air filter/purifier running at all times as another air filtration system for mercury vapor.
  10. Mercury separator to filter particles in the dental suction units from being dumped into local water system.

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