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The mouth as well as the rest of the body contains a delicate balance of good and bad microorganisms. When this balance is disrupted, disease-causing life forms become the dominate microorganisms. They live together in a biofilm around the teeth and under the gums. This imbalance is responsible for gingivitis, periodontal disease, and decay.

The biofilm contains an infection that is a mix of bacteria, fungi, viruses, and parasites that needs different agents to treat, which can sometimes have toxic side effects. But there has now been found an agent in OZONE that can eliminate the infection and support health by creating better blood flow, immune response, and more rapid healing.

The discovery of ozone in dentistry is historically credited to a Swiss dentist in the early 1900s by the name of E.A. Fisch. Dr. Grieco uses the ozone generator Promolife. Medical grade oxygen goes through a crystal cathode tube which charges it to create O3 (Ozone).

The oxygen/ozone is used in various ways: infused in water to irrigate periodontal pockets or tooth extraction sites, hygiene before and after treatment, and cleansing of a tooth before filling. Oxygen/ozone gas is used to disinfect teeth before filling to decrease tooth/root sensitivity, periodontal abscess and tooth abscess, jawbone infection/cavitation.

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