Crowns and Caps

Porcelain Crowns, Onlays, Inlays, and Veneers

In some cases, a tooth may have more than one half of its structure diseased or missing due to decay or fracture. Coverage with porcelain is then necessary to restore the tooth to proper health, function, and esthetics. Dr. Grieco incorporates the use of a Trios digital scanner to help create the most accurate fit, durability, and function of the porcelain/ceramic restoration. Trios can take a digital photo/scan of the mouth without conventional impression material, and then send it directly to the dental lab for immediate fabrication of the restoration. The restoration is then cemented with a biocompatible resin or glass ionomer cement. In contrast to the customary three-week timeframe needed for a conventional mouth impression material, in most cases the scanner can offer a faster 1- to 2-day turnaround time.

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